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ICS keyboard full

Description Dari Market

Detailed Specifications:
Features in Free Version:
- Multitouch keyboard
- User dictionary, built-in dictionary
- Configurable auto correction
- Redesigned and optimized keyboard layout and style
- Speech to text (select languages only)
- Custom vibration intensity (haptic feedback)
- Long press "Enter" key to bring up smiley alternatives
- Long press on "/" key in URL mode to bring up domains -
Features in paid version
- Internal themes, Gingerbread, Basic, IceCreamSandwich and more.
- Support of Better keyboard themes.
- Custom background image.
- Adjust keyboard height (in portrait).
- Touch to correct words (GB style, this feature doesn't exist in the original ICS keyboard).
- User dictionary editor.
- Auto space after punctuation.
- Suggestions also in search/URL fields.
- Alternative layouts (AZERTY,QWERTZ,Dvorak).
- Gestures.

#About "collecting data" warning message:
That warning message is a part of the Android operating system, and it appears whenever a third party keyboard is enabled. You don't have to worry because the keyboard don't have permission to internet access.
Please report your bugs via email . If you report bugs in a Market comment I CAN'T help you.
Available dictionaries:

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